Why The UK Is Perfect for Indian Students

You can complete a Masters in 1 year, saving on tuition fees and living costs. But the cost of living can also be very low

The UK is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world, known for its affordable, world-class education.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) report, more than 458,000 international students chose to study in the UK in 2017-18, with Indian students being the second largest group making up this statistic.

The number of students heading to the UK to study has been growing year on year.

So, what makes it great for Indian students?

Academic Excellence

The UK has maintained its position as a top study abroad destination for many years, due to the high quality of education provided.

But what does this mean exactly?

To begin with, the UK has highly qualified teachers. To teach at university, you must have/or be working towards a PhD.

The country also has terrific infrastructure and world-class facilities.

For example, the engineering faculty at Coventry University has a CICSO lab, ethical hacking and cybersecurity labs.

It also possesses a Cruden F1 simulator, flight simulator, harrier jet and it even has a wind tunnel built tested by Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team!

De Montfort University, on the other hand, is one of the few universities in the world to have a live Bloomberg trading room!


The UK is home to some of the biggest companies in the world and a hub for many global companies.

This means there are lots of opportunities to find employment with a well-known company.

Aside from that, there are millions of smaller businesses that are always on the lookout for talented workers.

With the post-study work visa returning to a two year stay-back period, this means you’ll have even longer in the UK to work on your skills, language and academics to be able to land a job in the UK.

We’re not saying it’s easy, but it’s easier now than when the UK had a 4 month stay-back period!


One great thing about the UK, which is often overlooked, is the number of flights to and from India (this may vary due to COVID-19 restrictions).

There are major international airports spread all around the country and due to the size of the UK, you’ll never have to travel for too many hours from an international airport to your chosen city.

I’ve travelled to Mumbai many times and have experienced the excruciating traffic from the airport to my hotel, sometimes 2/3 hours in a taxi if I’m staying in the south.

Whereas in the UK, you may experience some traffic, but nothing close to Mumbai!


The UK is very multicultural and is very accepting of Indian students.

In 2019 the visa acceptance rate for Indian students was 96%!

Take Leicester for example, home of De Montfort University and the University of Leicester, where Indians make up 28% of the population.

Everything you have at home will also be here in the UK.

Most UK universities attract a lot of Indian students, so making friends will be easy!

Prior to leaving India, you’ll almost certainly be able to meet and talk with other students that are joining the same intake as you, so you’ll be able to make friends before you even arrive, some students even book the same flights together.

The Food

Did you know, there are more Indian restaurants in Greater London than Delhi and Mumbai combined?

Yes, you read that correctly!

The UK loves Indian food, so much so Britain's national dish is chicken tikka masala.

Although tikka masala may have been crafted to suit the delicate palates of the Brits, it’s undeniably Indian at its origin.

With the UK being so multicultural, it will not be difficult to find very authentic Indian food, perfect for veg, non-veg, halal and even Jain!

There are restaurants out there that will make daily/weekly/monthly meal plans, tailored to Indian students, which is super affordable.

There are also plenty of Indian shops and supermarkets where you can find those authentic ingredients if you are a good cook.

So, if it’s healthy, authentic, home-style Indian food you’re after - you’ll find it in the UK!


One of the main reasons Indian students choose the UK is due to cost.

Masters programmes are shorter than in other countries.

You can complete a Masters in 1 year, saving on tuition fees and living costs. But the cost of living can also be very low (outside of London).

Private accommodation can be as low as £50 per week in a shared house.