What Makes a Good Education Agent? HINT: ‘Free’ Consultancy Isn’t a Reason.

Welcome to another edition of 7 Secret Sundays!

What is 7SS?

Well, it’s a ‘reveal all’ mini blog series, which will give you the hints, tips and insider secrets of studying abroad.

Applying to study abroad is a complicated and difficult process - we get it!

So, we wanted to create something especially for you, the student, that helps with your journey!

No waffling, straight into it this week.

1. Being FREE!

This does NOT make an education agent good or desirable.

So, when you see an agent using “FREE” as the only reason why you should sign up with them, think again.

Being free is the least you should expect of an agency. Do not look at this and think you’re getting a good deal because you’re not.

If an agent is charging you for anything other than university application fees (which is sometimes normal), avoid them.

If you want to know the real secret here, universities pay agents, so they should not charge you for anything. Ever.


The above phrase is something you’ll see a lot of agents advertising for study abroad students.

Now you might be thinking, “I don’t have an IELTS, so I’ll go with them”, but ask yourself - are you willing to accept mediocrity?

Offering courses without IELTS is possible, but this is setting you up for failure.

Why take shortcuts?

Why not put in the effort to improve your English? Then have it verified by a globally recognised certification.

For example,

Student A takes a shortcut and doesn't do an IELTS. They get into a University but don't spend much time improving their English. They struggle with their classes, coursework and graduate with a lower grade.

Student B take the IELTS exam. They spend time practising their English and now have a foundation to build on when they arrive in the UK. They understand their teachers & classmates more and improve their chances of a higher grade

Student A and Student B both graduate and apply for the same job in the UK. Who gets it? Student B, of course!

IELTS isn’t a barrier to your education, it’s going to help you improve your English. It will help you get more from your course and help you find a job.

Stop letting agents set you up for failure by offering a shortcut. It's not a shortcut if it's damaging your future success.

3. Counsellors that haven’t been to the country you’re applying for

We’ve mentioned this a few times in the past and this is one of the reasons why we call ourselves UK experts.

Why take advice from someone that isn’t qualified to give it?

If you have 20 lakh and want to invest that money, you’d speak to a qualified financial advisor.

You wouldn’t ask the person that sits on reception what to do with your money.

Some people are more qualified to give advice than others.

If you study abroad, you are investing roughly 20 lakh. So why find out about the UK and courses available from somebody that’s never been?

Find out first from an agent why their counsellors can offer you expert advice and assess whether it’s credible or not.

FYI - we are all from the UK, we’ve studied here and worked in UK universities.

4. Social media

You may have found an agent through social media. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, that’s what social media is there for.

But take some time to look through their content. Because that’s what we do. And let me tell you this, some of the content out there is BAD!

Social media should be fun and informative and provide value.

If you’re not learning from their social media page or at least having a bit of fun, their application process will match.

If you’ve found this blog through our Instagram page (@lyfeoverseas), I hope we are delivering that good stuff!

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

We don’t like to use the word ‘corporate’ much, as this is not how we see ourselves.

What does a company do that gives back?

This could be through philanthropy, environmental conservation, diversity or much more.

We at Lyfe Overseas do give back, and we give back to INDIA! You can find out more about this here.

Check out the agent you choose, see what good they’re doing in the world.