UK University Admissions Secrets - 7 Things To Look Out For 👀

Welcome to Sunday Secrets.

A ‘reveal all’ mini blog series which gives you all the hints, tips and insider secrets of studying abroad.

Having worked in UK university recruitment teams for over half a decade, we have all the answers to what makes a great application and what doesn’t!

Applying to study abroad is a complicated and difficult process - we get it!

So, we wanted to create something especially for you, that helps with your journey.

Our first blog is a true REAVEL ALL!

We’ll be letting you know the 7 things university admissions teams in the UK look for when an application reaches their inbox!

Let's get started

1. A Complete Application

“I’ll write my SOP next week and send it off then”,

“I’m not sitting my IELTS for 2 more months”

Thinking like this will SLOW down your application.

Trust us when we say, a complete application will get an offer quicker than a half-completed application.

Take your time to gather all the documents required to get an offer and send them in one go!

A good agency (like Lyfe Overseas) will do this for you, don’t chance it by sending a half-completed application.

2. Tidy and Clearly Scanned Documents

Sounds like an obvious one right? Well, guess what, we've seen 100’s of applications with unreadable documents.

Admissions teams don’t want to see your thumb in the corner of a document.

Make them clear and easy to read.

Do you know what happens to those applications? They go to the back of the list! Take the time to make proper scans of your documents.

3. Attaching Documents in a Random Order

Most agencies in India are terrible for this.

The average admissions officer will go through around 30 applications a day. Coming across an application that is 35 pages long and in no particular order, will get delayed.

We make it easier for them to quickly process the documents for you. Keeping things uniformed and easy for an admissions officer will help them get you an offer faster - believe us!

4. Spelling Mistakes

Again, seems like an obvious one.

But if your offer comes down to your SOP, spelling mistakes may cost you.

If your agency doesn’t have a native English speaker checking your documents before they’re submitted, you should rethink your agency!

Luckily at Lyfe Overseas, we are all native English speakers!

5. Unique References

If you’re required to send two LORs (letter of reference), they will need to be different.

If your previous college gave you two identical reference letters but signed by a different person, ask for another one, or get one from an employer.

Most swift rejections come from reference letters that used template. Although this won’t end your study abroad dreams, it’ll definitely slow down your offer letter.

6. Template SOPs

Admissions teams will know.

Yes, they know.

How do they know? Because 5 other Indian students used the same template you found on Google.

Admissions officers know and recognise when SOPs use a template. Don't be afraid to ask for guidance, but try and make it unique, just like you are!