I Don’t Have The Grades! What Are My Options?

Getting the grades to study abroad is one of the biggest worries for most international students. Some might believe it’s an impossible dream, and that “there are no options available to me.”

But there is! If you’ve missed out on any part of the entry criteria, there’s always another option.

If your academic grades are slightly below the required level (5% or less), don’t think you’ll automatically be rejected. Most universities will refer your application to the course leader who will make the decision whether to give you an offer or not. Now, this is where a really strong statement of purpose and top quality references come in. Academics understand that the grades don’t make up the whole person, so you still have a chance. These offers may take a little longer to get, but it’s not a closed door.

If you miss the mark by a little bit more, there are always options to do foundation courses or pre-masters courses. These are courses you undertake in the UK to get you up to the required grades. They usually last a year and often they are based at your chosen university. They may be provided by a third party, but you’ll still get the feeling of being a true international student. Once the year is up and you’ve passed the course, you’re ready to study for your full degree!

English Language / IELTS / PTE?!

“What if my English isn’t good enough?”. A big concern for a lot of students that come to the UK. It can be scary moving to a new country where you don’t feel you know enough of the language to get by, alternatively, you may have just missed out on the IELTS by 0.5.

Unlike the above, English language scores are not as flexible. You have to be able to understand the course content to get the best out of it. UK universities want you to excel and get the best possible grade, so they can’t compromise on the quality of your English understanding.

If you don’t reach these requirements, there are always options to do a pre-sessional English course. These can be from 4 weeks long if you’ve just missed by one IELTS band. If your IELTS is a little lower, you can take multiple pre-sessional courses to move you up the bands. Upon completion, you’ll go straight on to your chosen course, it just means you’ll arrive in the UK a little before your degree is due to start which is not always a bad thing!

As you can, it's not the end of the world if you are a little bit short in some areas. Get in touch today and find out what your options are.