Scholarships in the UK for International Students

Studying in the UK is a dream many international students share. It’s known for its world-class education and attractive job opportunities. However, studying in the UK, much like studying abroad in any other country, is a costly investment. 

Full or partial scholarships can help finance your study abroad dreams and when it comes to course fee discounts and scholarships, there are many possibilities.

The University you choose to study at will usually offer many different scholarships and there are also external bodies that offer scholarships too.

In this blog, we’ll explore the different options available to you and how you can make the most of these opportunities. We can’t guarantee a scholarship, but we’ll help out as best we can!

University Scholarships and Discounts

The university you apply for will almost certainly offer some form of course fee discount, scholarship or bursary. The amount and what is needed to receive this will differ depending on the institution.

Some scholarships are merit-based or based determined by financial hardship. Others are purely first come first serve. There are even scholarships out there that are awarded for sporting ability.

It’s always best to check the university website for more information, or alternatively you can drop us a quick message and we’ll be able to let you know what’s out there!

Chevening Scholarship

The UK government offers a global scholarship programme called Chevening. If you are an international student that meets the Chevening criteria, you are eligible to apply. This scholarship is available for one year Masters students and the specific criteria can vary by the country you are applying from. 

The majority of these scholarships pay for your tuition fees, as well as accommodation costs, return flights from your country to the UK. They can even include a monthly allowance for other living expenses. 

Commonwealth Scholarship

The Commonwealth Scholarship is aimed at students from disadvantaged backgrounds across the Commonwealth. If you are an innovator or future leader, this could be the scholarship for you!

This scholarship is fully funded, which means it will cover your tuition fees, you will also receive your airfare to and from the UK, and a living allowance to support you while you are studying. Additional grants are also available on some scholarships for cold weather clothing, thesis writing, fieldwork, family visits and the costs of mid-term travel home. 

How Can We Help?

As mentioned, we're not able to guarantee you’ll receive any of the above awards, but we can quickly identify if you’d be suitable for any scholarship awards in the UK. When it comes to the university-specific discounts, we’ll ensure you receive the highest amount on offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today, and let us start the process as early as possible!

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