Our 7 Best Study Abroad Blog Articles

Study Abroad Blog Articles

Welcome to another edition of 7 Secret Sundays! A ‘reveal all’ study abroad blog article series, which will give you the hints, tips and insider secrets of studying abroad.

Applying to study abroad is a complicated and difficult process - we get it!

So, we wanted to create something especially for you, the student, that helps with your journey!

Studying overseas is more than getting a degree.

1. 5 Things You Cannot Miss When In The UK

I’ve lived in the UK my whole life and there are things on this list I haven’t got around to myself. Studying overseas is more than getting a degree.

Use your time wisely and make sure you get to see everything the UK has to offer.

I think it’s time to write a “Part 2” of this blog with even more fun things to do!

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2. 5 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Let you Study Abroad Blog - Pt 1

I saw this come up a lot on Twitter and Reddit. Students talking about ‘how do I convince my parents to let me study abroad?’ and to be honest, it’s a big deal.

Remember being a child and wanting an ice cream or the must-have toy… asking your parents could be daunting because you didn’t want to hear the dreaded “NO!”

I guess the same applies here, but on a much larger scale.

We wrote this blog so that you can be fully prepared for that initial conversation - trust us, follow these steps and it’ll be a whole lot easier.

The UK is a top destination for students from India

3. How To Convince Your Parents to Let you Study Abroad Blog - Pt 2

The sequel!

You managed to convince your parents, now let us help with that. This study abroad blog article is to be given straight to your parents to read, or you can read it with them.

We wanted to give some great tips on how your parents can get involved in the study abroad process.

Having met parents in the past, I always got the same questions. ‘How could they help?’ So, here it is!

4. Don't Even Think About Choosing an Overseas Education Consultant Without Reading This!

If you want to find out more about the people behind Lyfe Overseas, give this study abroad blog article a read!

We talk about ourselves and why we started Lyfe Overseas. If you’d like to know more about us, let us know and we’ll create more content for you!

5. Why The UK Is Perfect for Indian Students

One of our most popular study abroad blog articles.

We only recruit Indian students. It’s where our expertise lies. We’ve helped 1000’s of Indian students in the past, and we’re certain the UK is a top destination for students from India (we might be a little biased.)

I challenge you to read this blog and not be convinced that the UK is right for you.

Find Out If The UK Is Right For You

6. Are University Fairs a Waste Of Time? Number 5 Will SHOCK You!

I wrote this purely out of my hatred towards ‘Fairs’, I honestly think they are a waste of time.