How YOU Can Study Abroad Better. Appointments Opening Soon! 👀

Are you ready for the September intake?

If so, get your appointments BOOKED!

From February 1st, we will be open for appointments again to prepare you for the September intake.

Before we begin, we wanted to write this blog to explain more about how the process works with Lyfe Overseas, how we can help, and how we’ll add value to your application to study abroad.

Step One

To start the ball rolling, you’ll need to book your first appointment with us.

We are UK based, with expert UK counsellors.

This means you can be confident that the information we provide is completely legit.

We don’t pretend to know this or that, we’ve lived and breathed UK education, so we proudly and legitimately call ourselves the experts.

Because we are based in the UK and you are based in India, it means all of our appointments and on-going support is through online channels.

Whether that be a Zoom call or WhatsApp. We’ve moved with the times…

If you want a pizza delivered to your home, you go on the app, choose your toppings and 30 minutes later you’re living the pizza dream.

You wouldn’t go to the store, wait to speak with someone, order and then take the pizza home.

So, when you think of it that way, we’re more convenient than other agents… and we come with more toppings!

Once you’ve booked your first appointment with us, you’ll receive a confirmation email asking you for some details about your dream to study abroad.

Let’s call it your ‘Dream Checklist’ - complete the checklist and send it back to us by email.

What this allows us to do, with the help of supercomputers and equations, is find your perfect university match!

So, when we meet for the first time, at the first appointment, we’ll have your options ready and waiting for you - how good is that?

You’ll have course and study location options without even leaving your home - personalised and designed to meet your needs.

On the initial call, we can talk more about why we feel these options suit you, and also it’s a chance to meet with us and ask us any questions or concerns you have about studying in the UK.

Click here to book an appointment.

Step Two

So you’ve chosen your university and now it’s time to make the application.

Once the first appointment is finished, we’ll follow up with you by email, letting you know all of the details and what documents you’ll need to send us.

This is where we’ll need you!

Send us over all of the documents you have ready to make an application.

We’ll also send you handy tips and guides on how to prepare your documents and other educational pieces like ‘How to write a quality SOP’.

Once we have the documents, we’ll package them up nicely and get the application done for you.

Most of what you think you’ll worry about, we handle for you.

You can relax.

We’ll book in for another appointment with you, just to check everything is all good, and let you know about anything else we require.

Step Three

At this point, we’ll assume you’ve got your unconditional offer.

The university has accepted you and saved a place for you.

Now you’ll need to commit with a deposit payment.

Once you’ve made the deposit, we can jump on another call and go over the pre-departure side of things.

This is where it gets exciting.

We’ll talk about your accommodation, booking flights, what to expect and how to get everything ready.

We’ll also have a proper appointment about your visa - because this part is super important.

But as always, we’ll take the stress out of this process for you.

As an additional layer for your peace of mind… we’re currently on a 100% visa acceptance streak!


Application, done. Offer received. Visa, accepted.

Everything else is sorted, and now it’s time to travel and settle in the UK.

Being from the UK, I can guarantee you we know more than your local education agency, about what to do when you arrive in the UK.

We cover the tiniest (but important) details.

If you’re not feeling confident or need a boost, we’ll catch up with you to go over the last few things to get you on your way.