Don't Even Think About Choosing an Overseas Education Consultant Without Reading This!

Almost every industry on the planet, except for applying to study abroad, has moved into the digital world.

This weeks’ blog is going to be different from our usual tips and advice.

It’s been a difficult year for everyone for well-known reasons, so we won’t go into that too much.

Instead, let’s talk about the origins of Lyfe Overseas and what’s coming up in 2021.

We founded Lyfe Overseas out of a need for a simpler study abroad process.

Our main mission is to make studying abroad accessible to everyone.

Almost every industry on the planet, except for applying to study abroad, has moved into the digital world.

Some questions we asked ourselves this year were;

  • Is there any need for offices?

  • Can an online process be quicker, cheaper and simpler?

  • Why settle for counselling and guidance from people who lack real-life experience?

Enter, Lyfe Overseas.

Who’s Behind Lyfe Overseas?

Joe Silk created our platform, our website and our vision (he’s the face you’ll see on ‘Two Minute Tuesdays’).

Joe has extensive background running businesses and building successful enterprises.

Graduating from the University of Leeds in the UK, Joe also has an MBA and lived, worked and travelled all across the globe.

Whereas, Jaspal Mann has all the ‘insider secrets.’

Possessing extensive experience working with South Asian International students, he will guide you through the study abroad process.

Having worked for the highest recruiting UK university in India, Jaspal has met 1000’s of Indian students and helped them achieve their dreams of studying abroad.

With these assets, we created Lyfe Overseas

It’s a simple, fun and engaging way to apply to study abroad.

We accumulate, 100’s of hours of research and knowledge for every student we interact with to ensure that the student has the best experience.

Let me give you an example of that.

There are over 50,000 undergraduate courses at more than 395 providers in the UK.

Now add on the postgraduate courses, foundation courses and PhDs.

That’s a lot of options.

An impossible task for international students to know where to begin.

The good news is, we’ve researched them all, we have all the information in one place and at our disposal.

So when it comes to getting your options or having your questions answered, we’re well prepared.

Let me set you a small task…

I want you to find the entry criteria for 10 different MBAs in the UK for Indian students.

They have to be located outside of London and cost under £20,000 per year. GO!

What you’ll probably find is:

  1. The university websites all look different

  2. Their course information is located on different menus

  3. The course will only show the UK entry requirements

  4. The cost will be given for last year (until the website is updated)

And this list goes on.

We understand how difficult it is to find this information (believe me on this one), so we made it easy!

One thing that gives us an advantage above other overseas education consultants, is that we have experience working WITHIN universities in the UK.

We know how they assess your application, what makes a good application, what’s needed for a quick offer letter and so on.

So, if 2021 is ‘your year’, let us help you with that!

There are over 50,000 undergraduate courses at more than 395 providers in the UK.

The Plan For 2021

We have some big plans for 2021 at Lyfe Overseas.

We’re going to be delivering even more of our class content and blogs, we’ll even throw in a few memes too.

There’s going to be a tonne of free guides and masterclasses available to you, all with the aim of helping you achieve your study abroad goals.

You’ll still get to speak to our experts directly, whether that be a phone call, Zoom or WhatsApp - we’ve got you covered.

We’ll be making our website even more interactive, which will mean we’re able to help you quicker and more efficiently, so look out for that.

Lastly, we’re working on creating your very own ‘Lyfe Profile’ - this is your OWN page on our website that’ll showcase your academic achievements and everything else that makes you an irresistible prospective student.

Your own page is the perfect place to share your study abroad journey with your friends and family - we really think you’re going to love this!

From the team at Lyfe Overseas, thanks for your support in 2020!

We believe 2021 is going to be the biggest year for international students and we can’t wait to get it started!

Want the checklist that our students have used to be successful in their study abroad application?






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