Are University Fairs a Waste Of Time? Number 5 Will SHOCK You!

Welcome to another edition of 7 Secret Sundays!

What is 7SS?

Well, it’s a ‘reveal all’ mini blog series, which will give you the hints, tips and insider secrets of studying abroad.

Applying to study abroad is a complicated and difficult process - we get it!

So, we wanted to create something especially for you, the student, that helps with your journey!

In this week's mini-blog, I'm going to talk about university fairs and why they suck.

After working for universities, I experienced fairs from both perspectives

In this blog, we share the reasons why they suck and what you can do instead that’ll help you 1000x more.

1. Agents Only Put Them on to Make More Money

Did you know, a university will pay around £500 to attend a university fair.

Pre-covid, fairs would take place in a fancy hotel. Agents would then charge the universities a fortune to have a seat.

On the surface, they look like an amazing opportunity to meet 100’s of universities.

Yet, the reality is a lot of waiting in queues to meet a rep who will recite a prospectus or webpage back to you.

Our advice, don’t waste your time.

2. The university will put your details into a CRM system and forget about you

When I worked for a university I attended countless fairs.

Our main aim was to collect email addresses and add them to our marketing CRM system - that was it.

The conversations were generic that a robot could do.

If you attend a fair, I guarantee that the person you spoke with, won’t be the same person that you receive emails from.

A university could attend 15 fairs in 20 days and meet 100’s of students.

If you want meaningful conversations, apply first and then arrange to meet a university representative for a coffee!

3. You can find all of the information online by yourself

Yes, that's right.

I mentioned it a moment ago, but you can discuss everything over WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook Chat instead of attending a fair!

Here’s how I used to present at a fair.

The student sits down with me, asks about studying for an MBA.

I’d take my laptop, search ‘MBA’ on the university website and turn the laptop around for them to see.

University representatives will only tell you the positives about their university.

They’ll never say “University B is better for you”.

So, you have met 15 universities, and all of them are a perfect fit for you, how convenient.

If you can give me one good reason why you couldn’t do this research yourself, I’ll take all this back!

4. Once you’ve applied for a university, you’ll get to see their representatives anyway

This is the better option.

Let us find the universities for you that match your requirements and apply on that basis.

Once you’re an applicant, universities will invite you to events.

Working at a university, we would hold large scale events with more members of staff, including staff from different faculties that you could meet one on one.

You’ll also meet other applicants who you can make friends with from your city.

This will make the application process more fun, and you’ve made friends before you’ve left - win/win!

5. Online ‘fairs’ are even worse

I won’t go into much detail on this one. They just are.

6. Why ‘fairs’ are like scrolling through Netflix

Have you ever opened up Netflix, scrolled through different genres & films, and w