7 REAL Tips on Finding Part-Time Work in the UK While Studying

Welcome to another edition of 7 Secret Sundays!

What is 7SS?

Well, it’s a ‘reveal all’ mini blog series, which will give you the hints, tips and insider secrets of studying abroad.

Applying to study abroad is a complicated and difficult process - we get it!

So, we wanted to create something especially for you, the student, that helps with your journey!

I’ve just seen a post on Instagram called ‘5 Ways To Find a Part-Time Job.’

To be honest, most of the advice was poor and written by someone who has never been to the UK.

So I’ve immediately jumped onto my laptop to write this blog to set the record straight.

I can’t bear to see this false information floating around without doing something about it, so I’m going to give you 7 real tips on finding part-time work in the UK

Let's start with the rules.

On a Tier 4 student visa, you can work up to 20 hours per week during term time and 40 hours per week during the holidays when completing your overseas studies.

Working part-time will help cover your living expenses, but you’ll still need to evidence the living expenses in your visa application for your studies abroad.

If you’re ready for 7 REAL tips on finding a part-time job, read on…

1. Work at the university

When I worked for a university, we hired about 15 international students alone, to help out with our recruitment activity.

Other departments in the university might also be looking for help from students.

You’ll certainly be able to pick up a few hours of work as a student ambassador or similar roles.

If you’re looking for part-time work, start your search within the university.

2. Don’t expect work in your field

You might have to work in a field that’s completely unrelated to your course.

But, it doesn’t matter.

Work is work.

Money is money.

If you can fund your living expenses by working in a supermarket, go for it!

No matter what the job is, future employers will look favourably on the fact you have UK work experience.

You’ll also learn so many other skills from working in different types of roles.

3. Split your 20 hours

You can split your 20 hours into different roles.

For example, if the university can only offer you 5 hours a week, you can work 15 hours a week somewhere else.

Employers based near to universities fully expect students to apply for their jobs, so they know you’ll have a timetable to work around, and they’ll usually be accommodating of this.

Don’t think you have to find ONE job for the full 20 hours a week!

4. You might have to travel a little bit

Depending on where your university is based, you might have to travel to find a job.

If you’re in a city centre university, you’ll probably be OK.

If you’re studying at a ‘rural’ university, there will be fewer jobs around the campus.

If working part-time is something you want to do when you arrive in the UK, let us know, so that we can place you in a university with a better chance to find part-time work.

5. Job search websites

Job search websites will be the best place to find part-time work.

Here are a few examples for you to save: