7 Question Sunday: The UK Student Visa Edition

1. I don't have my 10th and 12th mark sheet. Is it still possible to apply for a UK student visa?

You can apply for the UK student visa if you have the scanned copies of your 10th and 12th mark sheets.

You aren't required to submit the original certificates!

Also, if you do not have any copies of your mark sheets, you can request a duplicate from the respective educational boards. This is often done on a quick turnaround for little cost.

2. Will my student visa for the UK (currently doing a master’s degree) be refused if I have a 2.2 degree from the UK?

A 2.2 degree will not affect your application with the UKVI, they have focused your immigration suitability rather than exam scores.

As long as you have passed your degree and not applying for a visa with a failing grade, it shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Will doing a 2-year masters degree impact the possibility of getting a PSW in the UK?

There are no two-year courses in the UK, all courses are one year long. Although a few come with extended placements that culminate in a two-year programme.

A PSW decision is made regardless of the duration of your master's degree, however, your course should be at least one-year long, but that does not mean a two-year extended master degree will impact your chances to get a PSW either.

4. I did not disclose my travel history in my visa application for a UK tier 4 student visa in my previous passport. Will this be a problem?

You are requested to submit your old passport with your tier-4 visa application and all the information regarding your travel history in the last 10 years.

A visa officer could take this as obscuring information or not being transparent.

I strongly recommend providing all the full details of your background and associated information to enable the visa officer to decide on your application.

Any application with unclear information will take longer and you might receive a call from them so it's always better to clarify as soon as possible.

5. How will the 2-year post-study visas in the UK from 2021 benefit foreign students?

To reinstate the Two-years Post Study Work permit will help international students to stay for two more years after they graduate in the UK.

There are a few things that students can do to stave off the competition and stay relevant in a competitive workplace

Begin your job search & networking right from day one — start collecting the data & introduce yourself to as many people as possible.

Keep doing your job to reach as many people as possible without expecting a little or nothing in return; it’s a hard painful process to convince people to talk to you.

6. What does the 28 days funds required system mean for a UK student visa?

If you are paying your fee to the university either before or after the CAS, it doesn’t need to be 28 days old. It can be anything or anyone on your behalf can pay this fee.

The fee should reach to the university’s finance department. Once it reaches to them, they issue a clearance to the CAS and they release your CAS.

7. Are original education certificates needed to be shown at the UK Tier 4 visa interview?

No, if you have already uploaded scan copies of the documents on the UKVI portal then you don’t need to submit any original certificate, you can tell the VFS facilitators that you have already uploaded the documents.

However, it’s recommended that you still carry them along on your appointment day, in case if they want to scan them again or if anything important is left out.

In any case, they will not keep your documents (except your passport) and a few other documents.

You must also take all your passports (old or new) along with you to your interview.