5 Cheapest UK Universities for International Students

Studying abroad is expensive, we know. It’s a huge investment and a big decision for you and your family to make. Luckily we are based in the UK, so we’re able to give you the inside information about how much it truly costs to study and live here. First of all, we’ll let you know about some of the universities that we think are affordable for international students, what’s great about these universities and the cities in which they are located. We’ll also show you some other costs that you might have when you are here - the fun stuff!

If you want to study in the UK, there are a lot of universities that you can check out. Thankfully, not all of them are that expensive. There are some cheap universities in the UK for international students because they have super affordable accommodation options, and great course fees.

De Monfort University – Leicester

Average UG fee: £13,750 per year 

Average PG fee: £14,100 per year 

Average Accommodation cost: £120 per week

De Montfort University is ranked gold in the teaching excellence framework (TEF), the only UK government-endorsed measure of teaching quality in higher education. DMU is a fantastic city centre based university. Its newly renovated campus makes it a stunning location to study. Leicester is only 1 hour by train from London, which makes it quick and easy to visit. This makes DMU a great alternative if you want an affordable city to live in, with great access to the capital.

DMU and Leicester as a city is one of the most multicultural cities in the UK, which makes it great for international students. From entertainment to food, it has everything catered for an international audience, and it’s affordable too.

Coventry University – Coventry

Average UG fee: £13,900 per year 

Average PG fee: £16,600 per year 

Average Accommodation cost: £140 per week

For a high ranked university the course cost at Coventry University is reasonable,  and the best part is that they have expanded to around 31000 students. Another great thing is that the university itself is in the top 600 universities in the world with an international student population over 31%. Plus, they do have a great satellite campus in London. 

Overall, it’s a very good university especially if you come from abroad. Coventry itself is on the doorstep of the UK's second largest city, Birmingham but offers a low-cost alternative to living in the major cities.

University of Bedfordshire

Average UG fee: £12,650 per year 

Average PG fee: £13,000 per year 

Average Accommodation cost: £120 per week

The University of Bedfordshire was established back in 2006 and since then it managed to amass more than 20000 students per year. These students come from 120 different countries. Some see it as one of the cheapest universities in the UK, as it has tuition fees of around  £12,000 per year.  UoB has a 92% job/further study rate, which means that many of their students find a job in the UK or enter further studies within one year of graduating. With its state of the art, purpose built STEM build, it’s fantastic for students looking to study engineering courses in the UK.

Bedfordshire has really good transport links to major cities across the UK, including London, so it makes travelling around the UK super convenient. There are plenty of coffee shops , wine bars, restaurants and pubs. The town also offers amazing theatres and independent live entertainment venues. 

University of Hertfordshire

Average UG fee: £13,000 per year 

Average PG fee: £13,500 per year 

Average Accommodation cost: £150 per week

There are many things to life about the University of Hertfordshire. The tuition fees for international students are around £13,000 per year. For its location, this price is fantastic for international students. University of Hertfordshire is particularly popular with students from South Asia and it offers a welcoming community of over 3,800 international students from more than 100 countries worldwide. 

Hertfordshire as a place is filled with countryside and history - a nice alternative to the big city life! Based on the outskirts of London, only 25 minutes by train, you can easily travel to central London at a reasonable cost, but benefit from the lower living costs of living outside of London.

Edinburgh Napier University

Average UG fee: £15,500 per year 

Average PG fee: £16,000 per year 

Average Accommodation cost: £150 per week

The Edinburgh Napier University is widely regarded as one of the best technical universities in the UK. It has around 14000 students every year and many of them come from outside the country. All of the courses at ENU are designed in consultation with business and industry to you the academic and practical skills to succeed.

Edinburgh has consistently been voted one of the best cities in the world, it’s extremely vibrant and cosmopolitan. Edinburgh also hosts the world's largest Arts Festival - ‘The Edinburgh Festival Fringe’ where over three 3 weeks, 55,000 performances take place! For a capital city, the course fees for international students are affordable. So, if you're looking for the big city experience, definitely consider Scotland as a cheap alternative.

Let’s take a look at some of the other costs you’ll find when living in the UK...

The UK’s National Union of Students estimates that for a student outside of London, the average annual cost of living is around £12,000. This does not include your fees, or the cost of travelling to the UK.

As a rough guide to costs, a typical student’s basic weekly expenditure is shown below:

• Rent: £90 - £140

• Food and toiletries: £40 - £50

• Books and stationery: £10

• Laundry: £5

• Telephone and internet: £10

• Miscellaneous: £25

Please note that expenditure can vary considerably, depending on factors such as your choice of accommodation and lifestyle. No costs have been included for socialising and clothing, as this tends to vary for each student.

Some of the costs of your favourite/essential things in the UK:

Note: The costs above may vary and the exchange rates may differ at the time you arrive!